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Develop and Advance Your Career

HRPA’s Student Success Forum is the smart start for post-secondary students looking to develop and advance their career in HR. Attendees will engage with HR subject matter experts, gaining the tips and tools they need to tackle this evolving profession through inspiring keynote speakers, engaging workshops, networking opportunities, and more!

On Wednesday, January 27, students are invited to take part in a number of engaging sessions. Keep scrolling for the details on this incredible day of learning!

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Register now for $50 using code: SSF50

2021 Student Success Forum Program

9:00 AM

Rejuvenate: Yoga & Healthy Start

Kickstart your day with a guided yoga and meditation session. The class will get you to wake up, get centred and create vitality in your body. Combine this with a healthy start food demo and you’ll be set for a full day of learning.

Yoga hosted by: Yoga to You
Healthy Start hosted by: Shauna Lindzon

10:00 AM

Opening Remarks

Speaker(s): Ron Tite

10:15 AM

Because I Said I Would: Promises in a Changing World

Speaker(s): Alex Sheen

COMP: Learning and Development & Motivational

11:00 AM

STREAM: Branding & You

Resume Writing – A new approach to how to build your resume and manage your career path.

Speaker(s): TBA

STREAM: Diversity & Inclusion

U.G.L.Y. is Still Beautiful – Getting burnt as a 2-yr-old to most of her body, Kelly knows first hand how devastating it can be when people are so quick to judge someone without even knowing them. She has been shunned and lost job opportunities because people couldn’t look past her scars. Instead of judging her for her abilities, they shunned her for her looks. Kelly rose above the odds and decided to use her scars to become an international TEDx speaker, 5x best-selling author with a documentary about her life story called ‘Still Beautiful’ which has inspired almost 10 million people. And now she coaches people to becoming best-selling authors. In this presentation you will be inspired to look past the scars and see the inner beauty of everyone you meet.

Speaker(s): Kelly Falardeau

STREAM: Communications & Critical Conversations

The Unwritten Rules of Employee Communication: How to Decode What Your Manager is Saying – Do you find it difficult to be a team player and say what’s really on your mind? Are you reluctant to ask for a face-to-face meeting instead of sending an email? Do you have something to tell your manager but you’re not sure of the right way to say it? If so, this session is for you.

Let’s examine how to successfully navigate a workplace conversation. Discover why the human brain craves the connection an email or text just can’t give. Get inside the mind of your manager and get easy, practical tips to communicate effectively with leaders of all generations.

Speaker(s): Janet Hueglin Hartwick

11:45 AM

Virtual Hall & Career Fair

1:00 PM


STREAM: Branding & You

Are you LinkedIn? Brand Yourself and Network for Employment Opportunities – The founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, is famously credited with saying: “Your personal brand is what people say about you when you leave the room.”

Approximately 97% of recruiters will use LinkedIn during the hiring process. What does your first impression say about you?

In this actionable and interactive session, you will learn:

  • Why LinkedIn is so important for job prospecting
  • The key areas you need to focus on to optimize your profile.
  • How to use the proper etiquette to make the right kinds of connections.
  • Your next steps to uplevel your career.

Join Leslie Hughes from PUNCH!media as she provides you with tips and tricks to get your profile to 100% completion and share insights about how to reach out to recruiters and hiring managers.

Speaker(s): Leslie Hughes

STREAM: Diversity & Inclusion

Using Hip Hop to Build Mental Health into HR – Supporting employee mental health is a critical factor in increasing retention, impact and profit. It is also the right thing to do. Mental illness costs employers $50 billion each year in Canada. This presentation shares tons of cheap, easy and free strategies for employers to make mental health in the workplace approachable, practical and participatory. Learn how Michael and his team implemented innovative practices on a minimal budget to build a strong and caring culture empowering employees to take care of their mental health. This talk is jam packed with real examples on how to build strong culture while supporting mental health at work, beyond policy and beyond just spending money.

Speaker(s): Michael Prosserman

STREAM: Communications & Critical Conversations

Next Generation Leaders: How to Successfully Blend the 5-Generation Workforce –Around the globe and in Canada, today’s employees can have up to five different generations working side by side. Successfully blending the five generations in today’s workplace can be a tall order and productivity can decrease if you don’t understand the unique characteristics and talents each person/generation brings. It begins with open and vibrant dialogue and inclusion of all generations as we navigate our new normal. This virtual interactive presentation covers strategic methods of improving entry–level employee morale, improving operational efficiency, increasing employee retention and improving employee productivity: how to find it, how to harness it and how to keep it. In this presentation, participants will learn proven techniques to:

  • Discover the virtual workplace needs, wants and aspirations of each generation
  • Identify the 7 most powerful actions (compiled from my 5-year study) we can take to successfully integrate generations in the workplace
  • Increase overall workplace communication, productivity and satisfaction
  • Improve employee/management engagement of each generation and great conversations

The goal is to connect with different generations, grow communications and maintain focus on a positive workplace culture. Millennials and Gen. Z – you get a special and positive nod in this fun, informative, interactive and fast-paced presentation. Join the discussion and you’ll see why you’ve earned it.

Speaker(s): Scott Lesnick


1:45 PM

Reboot & Recharge: Wellness Break

2:00 PM

STREAM: Branding & You

From Anxiety to Confidence: How to Rock Your Next Job Interview

Speaker(s): Ana Lokotkova

STREAM: Diversity & Inclusion

“I Don’t See Colour” and Other Lies We Tell Ourselves About Unconscious Bias of All Kinds – This engaging session illustrates how we all make unconscious judgements about people including about their gender, race and culture. Through a variety of interactive examples, we will identify patterns in how we evaluate others and understand how unconscious bias affects decision-making in recruitment, people development and leadership. We will also identify how unconscious bias leads to discrimination, and how to prevent it.

Speaker(s): Asha Rampersad and Misha Munim

STREAM: Communications & Critical Conversations

Communicating with Confidence, Clarity and Persuasion

Communication is challenging in the best of times. Controlling our emotions, choosing the right words, regulating our verbal and non-verbal cues while trying to figure out if the other person understands us – is enough to make us frustrated and feel unheard.

That is why we created this session. To shorten the amount of time it takes to get your point across, increase your confidence in your ability to be clear, concise, persuade and influence those around you. Build stronger relationships through dialogue and understanding to take the stress out of difficult conversations.


As social beings we spend a lot of time and effort communicating with those around us.


You will explore the different Styles of Communication, Effective Listening Skills, Questioning Techniques and so much more.

Speaker(s): Sherry Barron


2:45 PM

Reboot & Recharge: Wellness Break

3:00 PM

Reconnect: Social Activity

Engage and connect with fellow attendees in this fun networking activity. Teams will compete in friendly competition challenges, all in a race to the finish!

4:00 PM

HR Rebooted: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Panel

Moderator: Tracy Moore

Speaker(s): Karen Fleshman; Karlyn Percil; Lily Zheng

5:00 PM

Closing Remarks

Speaker(s): Ron Tite