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Wednesday, January 22

Session 102: Dare to Matter: How HR Professionals Rise to Significance

Session 104: Driving Engagement and Connections with Your Early Talent through a Universal Student Experience

Session 106: Accommodation in Today’s Workplace

Session 107: #MeToo…Now What?

Session 110: Overdone Strengths: A Window into Blind Spots, Conflict, and Personal Development

Session 111: Practicing Recognition: How to Give Meaningful Recognition to People Every Day

Session 112: Empowering Women for Innovation and Business Success

Session 113: Future of Safety: Compliance and Beyond

Session 114: Flawless Consulting – Part 1

Session 115: How Technology is Making Our Lives Worse

Session 118: It’s Not the End, But You Can See it from Here: Post-Investigation Steps and Considerations

Session 119: Labour Market Impact Assessment: How to Get Them

Session 120: Psychologically Safe Leadership

Session 121: Computer Forensic Implications – 5 Sins of Workplace Investigations

Session 122: Strategic Planning for HR Professionals: What Do I Need to Know?

Session 123: Empathy — The Super Power Every Business Leader Needs

Session 124: Chronic Mental Stress Claims: Assessing Its Impact on Conducting Workplace Investigations, Privacy, and Choice of Pursuing Legal Remedies

Session 125: Communicating Change When It’s Not Really Your Job

Session 126: Why a Strong Community Investment Strategy Makes Good Business Sense

Session 128: The DNA of Great HR Pros: Transforming Yourself and Your Team to World Class

Thursday, January 23

Session 201: WTF? 7 Cultural Changes

Session 204: Coaching as a Key Leadership Strategy

Session 205: How Modernizing the Global Payments System Will Disrupt the Future of HR

Session 206: The “Wins” of Change: Law and Strategy in Changing Workplaces

Session 207: Can I Bring My Hamster to Work? What You Need to Know About Service Animals and Emotional Support Animals in the Workplace

Session 208: An Aging Workforce and the Risks and Solutions to Be Aware Of

Session 209: Ask the Expert

Session 210: Managing Conflict in Your Organization

Session 211: Using AI to Optimize Selection and Development Practices

Session 212: Building a Globally Great Workplace – The CISCO Experience in Canada

Session 213: Flawless Consulting – Part 2

Session 214: Workforce of the Future

Session 217: Creating Virtual Workshops that Create Performance Change

Session 218: Myths and Misconceptions About Sexual Harassment

Session 219: Canada/US Border: How to Make it Work for Your Business

Session 221: Authentic Total Rewards

Session 223: Complex Return to Work Cases: Accommodating Cognitive and Physical Impairments

Session 225: Transition to Retirement

Session 226: Trust as the Foundation for Mentally Healthy Workplaces

Session 228: Innovative Instructional Design Techniques That Engage Gen Z


Friday, January 24

Session 301: AI’s Biggest Challenge Is People Management, Not Technology

Session 304: Fearless Feedback: Critical Skills for Successful Leaders

Session 305: One for the Ages: Managing an Aging Workforce

Session 307:  Social Learning — Collaborating to Create Solutions to Today’s Complex Issues

Session 311: Building a High Trust, High Performance Workplace Culture

Session 314: Practising HR in an Agile World

Session 316: Are You Unconsciously Biased?

Session 317: Don’t Just Throw it in the Appendix: Writing Great Presentation Slides

Session 319: Digging Through the Weeds — Cannabis Use and the Duty to Accommodate

Session 320:  Free to Be Me Beyond He and She: Gender Identity and Gender Expression in the Workplace

Session 321: Five Characteristics of Successful Coaching & Mentoring Relationships

Session 322: Overcoming Overwhelm

Session 323: Recruit Like a Marketer

Session 108: Dealing with the Difficult Employee: Managing Work Performance and Staying Clear of Liability


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Wednesday AM: ‘Shaping the Future of Work: 21st Century Skills’ with Lital Marom

Wednesday Lunch: ‘How AI Will Keep the “Human” in HR’ with Terry Hickey

Wednesday PM: ‘Best Self: The Freedom When You Know the Difference’ with  Mike Bayer

Thursday AM: ‘Beating Your Bias’ with Yassmin Abdel-Magied

Thursday Lunch: ‘What’s Ahead for the Canadian and Global Economies’ with Todd Hirsch

Thursday PM: ‘Why Is It So Easy for Incompetent Men to Become Leaders?’ with Dr. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic

Friday AM: ‘Mastering Civility: Why Being Respectful to Your Coworkers is Good for Business’ with Christine Porath

Friday Lunch: ‘Irresistible vs. Forgettable: Why Are Some Products, Services, Websites, Apps, and Ideas Irresistible, While Many Others Are Forgettable?’ with Adam Alter