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Desjardins has always focused on enriching the lives of people and communities. Desjardins aims to support socially conscious ventures with the GoodSpark program, because dedicated entrepreneurs can help make a difference and create a prosperous future. As a show of support, Desjardins is partnering with Dragons’ Den to demonstrate that socially responsible ventures can also be financially viable. To learn more, visit

Through GoodSpark, Desjardins supports social entrepreneurs in their dreams of creating scholarships for First Nations children, feeding 1 million people by 2020 or helping people in need to reduce their anxiety and sleep better with weighted blankets.

We’re delighted to have had the opportunity to host GoodSpark by Desjardins at this past HRPA2020 Annual Conference and Trade Show. Explore our gallery of photos from the event below! 

Meet 8 of the inspiring social entrepreneurs supported by Desjardins who have been featured on Dragons’ Den.

Join us at Desjardins’ Social Media Lounge on 700 level to hear their stories about creating positive impact and empowering communities through their ventures.

Learn more about these 8 inspiring entrepreneurs