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With many charities and organizations requiring assistance during this difficult time, we asked members for suggestions. After we compiled a shortlist and performed a member vote, two charitable organizations were identified as our members’ top choices: Indspire and Black Youth Helpline.

When you enable the donation option during conference registration, funds collected will be divided equally between our two charities of choice.

Indspire is a national Indigenous registered charity that invests in the education of Indigenous people for the long-term benefit of these individuals, their families and communities, and Canada. With the support of funding partners, Indspire disburses financial awards, delivers programs, and shares resources with the goal of increasing graduation rates for Indigenous students. Learn More.


Black Youth Helpline serves all youth and specifically responds to the need for a black youth-specific service, positioned and resourced to promote access to professional, culturally appropriate support for youth, families and schools. Learn More.