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For registrants’ convenience, the HRPA Annual Conference now offers pre-approved sessions that qualify for CPD. To clarify, CPD pre-approval with a code is not mandatory, but recommended. CPD codes are not necessary to log activities for the CPD requirement, they simply make logging your entry quicker and easier.

Registrants are encouraged to review the schedule to identify sessions that qualify for CPD.  Codes for pre-approved sessions will be given out at the end of each session; after the conference, members can also receive a consolidated list of CPD codes for all of the sessions they attended  via the email address they used at registration provided their badge is scanned upon entering their session.

How do I know if a session is pre-approved for CPD hours?

Pre-approved CPD sessions are labelled “Qualifies for CPD hours” or “CPD” on the website, in your PDF conference schedule and on the conference app. To validate if a session pre-qualifies for CPD:

On the Website:

  • Select “Schedule” from the Conference tab of the website
  • Select “Filter” and scroll down to select the “Qualifies for CPD hours” to view pre-qualified sessions

On the App:

  • Select “Schedule” from your home screen and select “My Agenda” to view the sessions you selected/attended
  • Scroll through the daily sessions you attended; those that qualify will be labeled “CPD” beneath the room and session number

In the Complete Program Schedule (PDF schedule)

  • On the schedule, sessions pre-qualifying for CPD Hours will be identified with a marker under “CPD”
  • In the session descriptions, sessions pre-qualifying for CPD Hours are labelled “Qualifies for CPD hours”

How do I get my CPD Code?

The 6-digit CPD codes will be delivered to you in two ways:

  • At the end of each session during the conference: A volunteer will read the code aloud as the session closes.
  • After the conference: A consolidated list of codes for all sessions that have pre-qualified for CPD hours will be sent to attendees via the email address they used to register for the conference providing they opted to receive CPD codes.

What do I need to do to get a consolidated list of CPD codes for the sessions I’ve attended by email?

    • Upon entering the session: Get your conference badge scanned as you enter the session
    • At registration: Answer the following question with “yes” when registering for the conference: “Do you hold a CHRP, CHRL or CHRE designation with HRPA or any other designation or certification for which Continuing Professional Development hours are required?”

If someone is setting up registration on your behalf, please ensure they indicate “yes” to the question: “Do you hold a CHRP, CHRL or CHRE designation with HRPA or any other designation or certification for which Continuing Professional Development hours are required?” 

I did not get a CPD code at a pre-approved CPD session, what should I do?

The CPD code simply makes logging your entry quicker and easier; it is not mandatory. If you attended a pre-approved session and left early or the code wasn’t presented, the session can still be logged in A3 of the CPD Log without the code because the content still qualifies. To log the session, you will need the following information:

  • Session title
  • Date of session
  • Length of session
  • A brief description of the session

I attended a session that was not pre-approved for CPD hours, but believe the session should qualify and would like the session to be credited to my CPD hours

If a session wasn’t approved, and a member believes they can make a describable link of how the content furthered their ability as an HR practitioner, the activity may be logged, and the member must ensure to specify the direct HR connection.


Where can I find more information on CPD and CPD pre-approved hours?

General information on CPD Pre-approval is available here

The CPD Handbook is available for viewing and download here 

The Continuing Professional Development Log is available here