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Designed Learning

  • Booth Number: 119
  • Website:
  • Address: 208 Lenox Avenue #106, Westfield, NJ, United States
  • Phone: 513-524-2227

Learn how to develop leadership skills, build trust and get your expertise used, by working in partnership with clients, colleagues and stakeholders. 


We deliver Flawless Consulting workshops, where participants learn that being a trusted partner doesn’t just happen by chance; it must be learned. We stress the value of the relationship between you and your client/ colleague/stakeholder and how to manage that relationship.


Leaders become more conscious of the impact they have on others and subsequently of their own leadership style. It’s an opportunity to learn best practices and engage differently as a leader. In Flawless Consulting, participants learn: 

  • The skills of relationship-building and influencing others 

  • To work in a trusting partnership role with clients/colleagues

  • To develop commitment from your clients/colleagues through skilled contracting 

  • To assertively express your needs for a successful partnership 

  • To identify and manage various resistance styles while consolidating relationships 

  • To negotiate more effective and enduring agreements with clients/colleagues to avoid no-win situations