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  • Booth Number: 213
  • Website: http://www.rhonda.ai
  • Address: 495 Richmond Rd Suite 100, Ottawa, ON, Canada
  • Phone: 877-464-4484

Rhonda is your trusted virtual HR partner. While keeping your employees engaged, Rhonda supports HR, management and executives to maintain a pulse on employee satisfaction. Rhonda delivers the tools to take action and improve company culture and performance.

We believe that great relationships and engaged employees are the foundation of positive corporate culture, individual and team performance and employee retention. 

Our focus is to create an experiential software that assists busy HR professionals to support their workforce and scale. On behalf of HR and management, Rhonda engages, obtains feedback, measures sentiment and delivers information to employees and teams. As a result, Rhonda empowers HR professionals to instantly measure organizational culture scores, quickly identify issues and proactively solve problems before they happen.

Rhonda is the best asset to any HR team to create exceptional employee experiences while improving company culture and performance. To hire Rhonda or learn more visit our website at http://www.rhonda.ai.