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SWIFT Work Wellness

Your employees are your most valuable resource.  Put their health first with a low maintenance, easy-to-use and effective Wellness program for your breakroom.

SWIFT Work Wellness Immune Support is a Health Canada approved, fast-absorbing liquid supplement that is formulated to boost immune function and provide natural energy.   It is a formula that retails in pharmacies, clinics and specialty grocers….and now we’re bringing it to the workplace complete with it’s own dispenser that fits on your breakroom counter.

Each 2.5 fl oz serving is packed with 1000mg of Vitamin C along with other powerful antioxidants like Vitamin A, D & E and essential immune-boosting minerals like Zinc and Selenium.   The proprietary herb blend of ginseng and astragalus provide energy support to help us get through a busy work day.   It’s versatile and tastes great!   You can take a shot straight up or add it to your water bottle or smoothie and sip throughout the day.

We invite you to stop by our booth and try a sample.   We’re a Canadian company and we’re taking workplace wellness to the next level.