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Brain in Hand (brought to you by Distinctability)

Brain in Hand 

Distinctability are bringing Brain in Hand to Canada at HRPA 2020.  Brain in Hand is the UK’s most powerful Assistive Technology success story.  For anyone whose day can be knocked off track by anxiety, unexpected events and the need to make decisions under pressure.  It is a supported digital solution and aid for people who experience difficulties with executive function, such as planning and organising, initiating tasks and responding to unplanned events. It’s thousands of successes are in employment, higher education, and transition & preparation for work.   Come and see why !

Autism Inclusion eLearning Suite for Employers

An advanced neurodiversity eLearning suite developed in partnership with Specialisterne. Grow understanding and organizational capacity to increase the competitiveness of your organizations.  Launching at HRPA 2020

Makaton Canada 

“Imagine if a working Team could suddenly “talk” with a colleague who had communication challenges?”  Learn how the The Makaton Language Programme can accelerate inclusive integration.  Our Certificate in Workplace Concepts helps create real inclusive environments !