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  • Booth Number: 1034
  • Website: http://www.gojava.ca
  • Address: 31 Progress Ave, Unit 10, Toronto, ON, Canada
  • Phone: 647-291-2946
At GoJava, we believe it’s possible to preserve our awesome planet while still enjoying life’s simple pleasures. Like coffee. And snacks! Which is why we stock office kitchens with nutritious beverages and treats to promote a healthy, productive and eco-conscious workspace. 
So where does the eco-conscious bit come in? By working with GoJava, offices help fight climate change and reduce waste by:
 – Recycling materials and composting organics that would otherwise end up in landfills
 – Using carbon neutral delivery and equipment 
 – Planting trees! A tree gets planted for every order placed on our website GoJava.ca
As you can see, every part of our operation works to make a big overall difference for our planet. 
Want to learn more?
Visit our Booth #1034 for a free coffee and to chat about how we support offices in cultivating a healthy, modern and sustainable workplace!