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Biomedicine Clinic

Did you know? Some individuals try to lose weight by eating a low-carbohydrate, high-fat diet, but that approach may not suit them well
long-term if they are biologically predisposed to needing more healthy carbohydrates. The same goes for individuals who
try low-fat diets but are genetically sensitive to the amount of sugar they consume rather than the amount of fat. When we
understand that our success is directly linked to factors associated with our specific DNA, we can purposefully redirect our
energy to change the results we achieve. In our Clinic’s, we recognize that everyone’s definition of “optimal health” belongs
only to them and that achieving it will not come through a simple one-size-fits-all plan. Whether you are an elite athlete,
desire to maintain your current weight and fitness level, or are looking to drop unwanted pounds and improve exercise
and/or activity levels, we can help! Visit us at and grab your Free The Secrets of Your DNA report.!