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D-TECK Solutions Inc

  • Booth Number: 520
  • Website: http://d-teck.com
  • Address: 555 Boulevard Roland-Therrien, Suite 300, Longueuil, QC, Canada
  • Phone: 514-699-6741

D‑TECK set itself the challenge of making the science of assessment universally available to companies that want to work autonomously… no exceptions. So we had to find a way to provide a complete, precise and reliable assessment, at a lower cost. The solution? We replicated the judgement of skill and performance assessment experts using mathematical algorithms.

To do so, we identified the best tests in the world and formed partnerships with their creators, such as Hogan Assessments. These tests are combined with algorithms, making it possible to replicate the judgement of assessment experts virtually with a 100% success rate!