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T.E. Wealth

  • Booth Number: 214
  • Website: http://www.tewealth.com
  • Address: 26 Wellington Street East, Suite 710, Toronto, ON, Canada
  • Phone: 416-640-5757

Well-managed companies tend to outperform their competitors. That’s why we employ a top-to-bottom approach that addresses the business, the senior executives and the company employees – all in alignment with corporate strategy.

Executive Financial Counsel (EFC)

Managing fiduciary responsibility goes beyond simply taking proactive measures to ensure your firm is on side with its governance. It’s about making sure that your executives are too. Providing senior management with expert financial guidance allows them to focus on the task at hand, while increasing appreciation for the value of their benefits.

Financial Education

Managing investment options, personal debt, and employer pension and retirement plans can be challenging for many employees. The responsibility to educate employees on topics that impact their financial security may, in fact, fall within your firm’s governance requirements. Employees inadequately equipped to manage their employee benefits can become a legal hazard.