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Canada‘s Largest Annual HR Conference & Trade Show

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Hi (insert name of manager)

I would like to request approval to attend the HRPA 2020 Annual Conference and Trade Show, January 22–24, 2020 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. The largest HR event in Canada and Canada’s most influential event for HR leaders & professionals, attending the conference and trade show would be a significant opportunity for me to learn about the industry’s leading ideas, innovations, solutions, tools, resources, and best practices.

Thousands of HR & business leaders and professionals attend the show. I’ll have the opportunity to network with a diverse range of industry experts and peers to find out how they’re navigating challenges similar to the ones our organization faces.

The conference offers 8 world-renowned keynotes and over 75 educational sessions, panels and workshops presented by industry thought leaders. I’ll learn practical skills and strategies to deal with our organization’s most pressing issues as well as trends that will impact the future of our organization. Here are some of the sessions I’d like to attend that are directly applicable to my work and our organization: (insert the sessions you would like to attend)

I have some key learning objectives during these sessions: (insert any learning objectives from the session descriptions that will be valuable to you and your organization) 

I’ll have the chance to meet with over 250 exhibitors at the trade show to check out the latest products and services from the industry’s top brands. With access to product demos and one-on-one face time with industry experts, I’ll be able to connect with companies who understand our organization’s explicit challenges and can recommend the right solution. Here are a few of the exhibitors I would like to meet with: (insert the exhibitors you would like to meet with)

Throughout the 3-day event, there’s time dedicated to networking, plus special networking events, so I’ll have the chance to raise our organization’s profile, develop our relationships and contacts, and set up meetings with people who can help our organization in the future.

When I return from the HRPA2020 Conference and Trade Show, I will share all the information I’ve collected including speakers’ presentations, notes, useful vendor product information, and contacts I’ve made with our team.

The registration fee for this event is (insert applicable price). Below is an estimated breakdown of my projected expenses for attending the event: (include all associated travel and accommodations expenses).

Thank you for your consideration and please let me know if you would like additional information about the HRPA 2020 Annual Conference & Trade Show.


(insert your name)