The Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA) has two planning tools for HR professionals: a continuing professional development needs analysis tool synchronized with the new professional competency framework announced in 2014, and a benchmarking tool for CHRPs and CHRLs that will allow them to benchmark their capabilities against other designated professionals, including by competency and by role. Together the tools allow HR professionals to assess their individual needs for continuing professional development and to prioritize their investment to focus on what is truly important for them in their existing workplaces.

The CPD self-assessment tool measures skill levels according to the nine core and 15 enabling competencies that make up the framework. The assessment takes approximately 30-40 minutes. Feedback is provided in a PDF that outlines current skills levels and priorities for future development, as well as a list of recommended professional development approved by HRPA. The benchmark tool uses 90 multiple choice questions to assess current capability according to the 9 core competencies. Using radar and bar graphs it allows the user to visually compare themselves to the baseline scores expected of CHRPs and CHRLs, as well as other designated professionals who have used to assessment tool.

Located at, the tools are being made available free to all those practicing human resources.